Growing Food Year-Round

Modular Farming Company Breaks Down Barriers to Food Access

Sustainability | June 5, 2023

Access to nutritious and affordable food is a Canada-wide challenge that disproportionately affects rural and remote communities. While 12.7 per […]

Immigration, Communities and the Economy

Mapping out a solution to Canada's labour shortage

Social Innovation | March 20, 2023

Last year, Canada announced plans to increase the number of immigrants to 500,000 per year by 2025. Beyond welcoming people […]

High-Tech Food Security

Start-up Develops Indoor Gardening Solution

Sustainability | November 18, 2022

Two of the biggest worries on the minds of Canadians are climate change and the rising cost of groceries. A […]

Remote, Hybrid or In-Office

New Research Examines Post-Pandemic Work Preferences

The New Economy | April 11, 2022

At the beginning of 2021, 32 per cent of Canadian employees worked most of their hours from home, compared with […]

A Healthy Business Plan

New Social Enterprise Rooted in Nature

Social Innovation | April 11, 2022

A pandemic. Climate change. War in Europe. These challenges not only have a devastating impact on physical, environmental and economic […]

Mission Critical Technology

Start-up Aims to Make Spacecraft More Sustainable

The New Economy | April 11, 2022

As more and more companies and countries launch satellites and other spacecraft into orbit, the value of the global space […]

Connecting Fans, Athletes and Brands

App Helps Athletes Build Their Brand and Partnerships

The New Economy | April 7, 2022

Every four years the world is introduced to new Olympic heroes, as athletes who have worked for years to master […]

Cybersecurity Beyond ‘Y2Q’

Stopping Cyber Attacks Today and Tomorrow

Technology for Good | February 2, 2022

In the not-too-distant future, a new generation of powerful computers will transform our world in myriad ways, from advances in […]