Supporting Indigenous Economic Development

How business school research can help guide investment decisions

Social Innovation | June 21, 2023

There are around 500 Indigenous economic development corporations across Canada. Together, they manage hundreds of millions of dollars in businesses […]

Immigration, Communities and the Economy

Mapping out a solution to Canada's labour shortage

Social Innovation | March 20, 2023

Last year, Canada announced plans to increase the number of immigrants to 500,000 per year by 2025. Beyond welcoming people […]

Helping Children Learn Math

New tool identifies students who need extra support for important life skill

Social Innovation | March 20, 2023

Math is incredibly useful in everyday life. It's critical for managing money (understanding interest rates and mortgages), getting the best […]

Empowering Female Tech Founders

Women Investor Collective Backbone Angels Fuels New Business Ideas

Social Innovation | May 30, 2022

When an entrepreneur wants to launch a company, they typically seek start-up funding through their personal networks or, if they […]

Diversity in the Media

Changing the Voice, Face and Stories of Canadian Journalism

Social Innovation | May 30, 2022

Journalism is a cornerstone of our democracy. Its purpose, according to the American Press Institute, is to provide people "with […]

A Healthy Business Plan

New Social Enterprise Rooted in Nature

Social Innovation | April 11, 2022

A pandemic. Climate change. War in Europe. These challenges not only have a devastating impact on physical, environmental and economic […]